While the number of bedrooms, baths and amenities are important when searching for a home, location shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are a few things to consider to discover the perfect location for your new home.


Property Taxes

Property taxes play a large role in your monthly budget. The annual tax bill is divided into 12 months and added to your monthly mortgage payment. While you have little control over the mandated costs, it’s best to take a look at the tax costs of the area before you start touring homes. For example, living in the city near shopping, dining and other conveniences comes at a higher cost than living in some county or rural areas.

Already know a town or neighborhood you’d like to pinpoint for your search? Pull up the online tax records. They are public. In Forsyth County, NC, find them here: https://bit.ly/2DKpexE



Whether it’s a roaring nightlife or public transportation that appeals to you, scope out what a neighborhood offers. Drive through the area at different points of the day to see activity levels or traffic increases. Do you like neighborhoods where you may have a chance to meet a lot of people? Do you value your privacy and prefer more land? Do some soul searching about this topic before you home shop. A fabulous kitchen will not matter if you don’t like a neighborhood where you can see into neighbor’s backyards or tight restrictions.


Crime Rates

The safety of your neighborhood impacts everything from your happiness and feelings of security to your home’s resale value. If you’re from out of town, there are numerous online tools that shed light on the crime rates. Look into the Crime Rates here: https://bit.ly/2RYAGOP


School District  

Upon first glance, a school district might not seem like an important factor. However, regardless of your age, a highly rated school district can drastically impact the value of your home, for better or for worse. Do your homework about schools. Contact the local school board for info about districts. And remember, the best laid plans can change. School districts can possibly change in the future. Learn More about student assignment: https://bit.ly/2TlXvbI



The most obvious component—the literal location—of your home can have a huge impact on how you live. Think of factors like weather, landscape and environmental changes that might impact you down the line. Sounds a little scary…right? Just think things through. If you aren’t someone who enjoys gardening and lawn care, you may be better suited for a condo, townhome or home on a smaller lot. Be realistic about your time and lifestyle preferences.



If you purchase a home and have a long commute to work, you’re more likely to get pretty tired of the location fairly quickly. Plus, the cost of transportation (gas, wear and tear on car) needs to be considered in your budget. If you will rely on public transportation, walking or biking, evaluate your location for the ease of those methods.




We hope these tips have you thinking. As always, our brokers at Signature Real Estate, LLC, would love to assist you with your search and answer any questions you have about the home buying process. Allow us to be a resource for you!

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