6 Tips To Help With Your Allergies This Pollen Season

These 6 tips will not only help with preventing unwanted pollen contamination but may also keep you from contracting other allergy related illnesses.

1. Avoid Windy Days Peak Allergy Season. 

It may be first time you’ve seen the sun since last fall but try to avoid leaving windows and doors open when the pollen count is high. The wind picks up the allergens and brings it right to your door.


Of Adults in the U.S. have allergies.

2. Pollen Is Sticky and Will Adhere Itself To EVERYTHING.

You’ve seen the cars outside after a good “pollen shower” and it isn’t pretty. Your clothes, shoes and even skin are the same way. After spending time outside, you may want to leave your shoes at the door, take a quick shower to rinse the pesky particles off and change clothes so that you don’t bring pollen into your living area.

3. An Apple A Day…

There is truth to the old adage that if you eat healthy you are less likely to get sick. In addition, there have been studies as that show that if you eat fruit and vegetables on a regular basis, you are less likely to get allergy symptoms.

4. Let it Flow! 

Try using a Neti Pot to clear the nasal passageway of pollen particles that get stuck up there and irritate your nostrils. It may seem gross, but these aids can really help allergy sufferers.

5. Drink More Fluids

Just like when you have the flu or a cold you need to stay hydrated. The fluids you drink will help your mucus thin out and in turn help clear your body of the pollen invader.

6. Get Steamy

Steam is an allergy sufferer’s dream. Not only is it good for your skin but it is also great for clearing clogged nasal passages and irritated throats. You can steam yourself in the bathroom by just turning on your shower to a reasonably hot temperature and letting the steam go to work.

We hope these 6 tips help you with fighting seasonal allergies and with all things pollen related. Check the internet for more natural tips for warding off allergy symptoms and with a little more research you can conquer these pesky pollen particles.


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