Lystra Yale has numerous years of property management experience and specializes in the management of single family investment homes and townhomes. Lystra has been involved in real estate throughout her life as she first assisted her father in managing his investment properties. Subsequently, she began managing her own! She has excellent communication and relationship skills leading to long-term leases and tenant retention and also has experience coordinating property maintenance.

In her personal time, Lystra enjoys spending time with her children and enjoys photography and gardening. She is a Winston-Salem native and a Wake Forest University graduate.

Lystra, your service continues to be great. You are responsive and have a sense of urgency to communicate and resolve any issues. I continue to feel confident about my choice to use Signature property management and Lystra you play a big role in why I have that confidence! Even though there is a team at Signature I feel like I have "one" point of contact. I let you know what I need and you always follow through! Your friendly nature makes the relationship all the more pleasant.
K. Culpepper 
Lystra Yale has been helping us since July of 2012 with the rental of our former residence. We didn't want to go through the hassle of finding suitable tenants so we opted for a management company. Lystra has been very effective in all areas of the rental process. From placing the ad, to interviewing prospective tenants, to doing all the investigative legwork and giving us her recommendation, the whole process has been quite pleasant for us. She always handles any necessary correspondence to or from the tenants very quickly and effectively. We will continue to use Lystra for as long as we keep this property and we would highly recommend her services.
J & S Lewis 
It has been my pleasure to have been associated with Ms. Yale for the past two years as my agent for my rental home in Winston-Salem. She has been extraordinarily energetic and diligent in finding appropriate renters for my property. She has always responded promptly to any concern regarding my property and always immediately informed me of any problems with the home. Any repairs required have been attended to promptly without having to directly involve me. She has always maintained good relationships with the tenants and responded immediately to any of their concerns as well as communicating any of my concerns promptly to them. I look forward to any future dealings with her as I consider her most cooperative and courteous and professional.
H. T. Gilbert, M.D. 
To any potential clients, I have worked with Lystra for the last 5 years and with that being said I would fully recommend her to anyone. She has always been very professional and on top of things. She has a great personality and works very well with potential renters and owners. I was living in Europe for 3 of the  last 5 yrs and without her I would have had no clue as to what was going on in my homes. She took the time to send pictures when incidents came up and also spent her time getting bids for me as well. The only thing that's wrong is that we can't clone her.
M. Barrineau IV 
It has been wonderful to work with Lystra Yale and Signature Real Estate. As a property owner who is now 5000 miles away, it is nice to know I do not have to worry about the quality of tenants, vacancy or the condition of the house. I've been extremely happy with the entire process as it's both professional and efficient. The house was rented within days (not even a week!) and has not been empty. Any issues have been quickly communicated and handled promptly, either using my personal preferred vendors or Signatures' at reasonable prices. It has been a huge relief knowing that Lystra is managing the property to ensure all is well with the house. I've even recommended Lystra to a friend who was relocating out of the area and she's been equally pleased, as well.
C. Dixon 
My wife and I are happy to write a letter of testimonials for Lystra Yale. Two years ago, my wife and I decided to have the house rented in Winston-Salem, NC. After comparing Mrs. Lystra with the other two companies’ agents, we selected Lystra. She was very patient and professional during the renting of our house when the real estate market was way down. We ended up very happy with the rental customer of our house who is just the tenant we wanted. Since then we were extremely pleased with skills and responsibilities of her work. For example, Mrs. Lystra gave immediate response and taking the pictures after the property of tenants unfortunately was damaged because of storm. The issue was solved with satisfaction. Mrs. Lystra Yale did a wonderful job on serving the house renting. We feel she is a friend as well as a good agent who showed endless care. We highly recommend her to any future house owner or tenant.
L. Tang 
During the time my family and I were selling/renting our home Lystra was an invaluable asset to have in our team! Not only she listened to our needs and adapted to our situation, but she always had the right attitude, even when the market was slow and selling houses was not as easy as it was in other times. Lystra was really well connected in the community and made the process as easy as possible taking into account we were not living in the area any more. Thank you Lystra!
A. Moreno 
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lystra. She is always professional and wants the best for her clients. She always provides an honest approach to all of her work. Based on her passion and wonderful work, I now have three properties with Lystra. I recommend her to anyone looking for a new property manager. I look forward to working with her for many more years.
B. Lopatka 

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