hire a property manager

Why hire a property manager?

Reasons to put Signature to work for you!

Owning rental property is a significant investment with many benefits. Managing your property can take up much of your valuable time.  Hiring our company to manage your property can alleviate those headaches and bring significant value and expertise to your investment. And you’ll have more time to relax!

So how do you know if you need a property manager? As your self these questions:

Do you:

  • Have experience managing a wide range of rental properties – from high-end residential to multi-family apartment and condominium complexes?
  • Have extensive knowledge of the fair housing and landlord/tenant laws?
  • Have access to maintenance to ensure that your tenants get 24-hour service at reasonable prices?
  • Have reliable means to determine fair market rent and returns on your investment?
  • Have the proper notices and knowledge of the legal processes to deal with non-paying tenants?
  • Have current, professionally crafted leases, related agreements and forms to minimize exposure to liability should a tenant sue?
  • Have the time in your schedule to show renters the property?
  • Have the expertise to properly vet renters to make sure they are credit-worthy?

If you don’t have the experience or access to the above, it’s wise to hire representation. For a small percentage of the monthly rent, we can handle the details. Call us today!

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